Hello Everyone


As you know there will be no new episode from MovieDrone this week (We feel your pain). As a consolation the legend that is Joseph (@jdobzynski) from the One Movie Punch podcast (@OneMoviePunch) has taken time out from being trapped on his podcast island by the Big Heads Media who are taking over One Movie Punch to Volume 5 of the Important Messages From The Marc's Movie Impression Preservation Society (#MMIPS)


in this episode you hear an apology to Gill from the man himself and also what Gill sounds like on the telephone. You then are treated to some old skool impressions from Marc when he truly thought the section was going to die. Stay until the end for the new promo from One Movie Punch and the tyrants that are taking over by force!


Thank you Joseph, you are a true legend and we wish you well in your fight against the Big Heads Media (we'd love to help but we're on holiday)


Love you all


Steve & Marc


Long live the #MMIPS

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