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00:00 - 11:07        Intro, Wine, Dog Sledges, Missing 1/2 Stars & Thanks

11:07 - 13:51        Special Promo From One Movie Punch & Sponsorship of #MMIPS

13:51 - 17:52        Marc's Movie Impression - Proof That Christopher Walken is Impossible (Sorry Linda) and then When Bruce The Shark met Mickey the Gypsy 

17:52 - 29:00        Question Time with a question from Lucy on Movies to TV Shows and another from Daniel on our Movie Character Families

29:00 - 54:45        Review of The Princess Bride and What Else We Watched

54:45 - 1:18:08     Homework discussions on Hook & Fargo then Outro

1:18:08 - 1:28:51  The Marc's Movie Impression Preservation Society Message Vol 2


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