Episode 53 - Hot Fuzz

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00:00 - 10:39        Intro, Guest Introduction, What We've Been Doing & Thanks

10:39 - 12:07        Special Promo From One Movie Punch

12:07 - 15:33        We Chat About Films Rock Paper Scissors & Terryfier 2

15:33 - 17:23        Marc's Movie Impression - A Montage Of Hot Fuzz Characters

17:23 - 18:13        The MovieDrone Wall of Shame. We Challenge Jenn Dedis!

18:13 - 32:47        Question Time with a Question from Lee on Films Of Our Lives

32:47 - 1:00:16     Review Of Hot Fuzz & What Else We Watched

1:00:16 - 1:22:02  Homework Discussions on Cuban Fury & Leave No Trace then Outro.


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Steve and Marc

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